Stiftung A.M. Ostrowski für einen internationalen Preis in höherer Mathematik

Short biography of A. M. Ostrowski

Born on September 25, 1893 in Kiev

1911 Private lessons with Dimitrii Aleksandrowitsch Graves, founder of the Russian school of algebra

1913 First publication on Galois fields

Studies of mathematics in Marburg, prisoner of war

1918 Studies in Göttingen

1920 Graduation under the guidance of Hilbert and Landau

1920-22 Assistant of to Hecke in Hamburg

1922 Habilitation in Hamburg

1923 Privat Docent in Göttingen

Visiting positions in Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh

1928-1958 Professor of Mathematics at the University of Basel

Died November 20, 1986 in Montagnola

Detailed biography:
Alexander M. Ostrowski (1993-1986): His Life and Work
by Walter Gautschi